About This Project

Philanthropy has been contributing towards achieving important national social and economic development goals in east African countries. Like many other countries, the data initiatives in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda are driven by the governments, which often do not take into account data from or about civil society actors. Therefore, the aggregated contribution of philanthropy towards national development remains unmeasured. Consequently, philanthropy does not get recognized for its contribution and get a seat at the table where important development dialogues take place. The aim of this “Philanthropy in East Africa” project is to change that status quo.

This project aims to facilitate an indigenous philanthropic data gathering while ensuring international standard of data security, integrity, reliability and authenticity. Using latest technology, philanthropic data in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda are being aggregated on GIS maps to show who is doing what and where in those countries. This project also aims to reduce duplication of efforts and encourage cooperation between different philanthropic actors.

If you are interested to join us in this project, please feel free to contact Jane Katts at jane@eaphilanthropynetwork.org or Arif Ekram at arif.ekram@candid.org.